Heidelberg Materials Penderyn quarry employee and family receive first aid awards

In April last year Colin Bartle, an employee at Penderyn quarry South Wales and his family were coming home from Army Cadets, where Colin and his wife Vicky are instructors at Porthcawl  and his daughters are cadets at Bridgend, when they saw a car go out of control and hit a sign post. The three female occupants of the car got out two were walking in a dazed state but the third one collapsed. Vicky, who is an admin assistant on two fire stations immediately called the emergency services and with the help of Colin’s oldest daughter, Arianne, she the took care of the two girls who were walking around as well as the crash site, Colin and his youngest daughter Aimee immediately went to the aid of the unconscious girl where Colin supported her neck while his daughter Aimee carried out doctors abc. Colin is one of the first aiders at Penderyn and he teaches first aid at Porthcawl detachment where he is second in command, the rest of the family have all done their first aid training with the Army Cadets. When the emergency services arrived at the scene Colin continued with first aid and continued talking to the young girl as she regained consciousness, Colin and Aimee then assisted the Paramedic with the neck brace and the back board and finally assisted with getting the young girl into the ambulance. The Paramedics and the fire service commended the family on the way in which they had managed the whole situation. The following day Colin and his family met the young girl and she told them that she had suffered concussion and had been kept in hospital overnight, she and her family thanked the Bartle family for their actions.   

The Army Cadet Force put a report into the Red Cross and St. Johns ambulance for the actions of the cadets, as a result of this Colin’s two girls were nominated for the Red Cross humanitarian award and each individual member of the family received certificates from St. Johns ambulance. The certificates were presented to the family at an awards ceremony in February 2016 at Dyfed and Glamorgan Battalion headquarters lichard by the Mayor of Bridgend Councilor Richard Young in the presence of the commandant Colonel Westlake-Tom as well as senior officers of the battalion and their officer commanding C company Major Grey.