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On 02 October 2023 we rebranded to Heidelberg Materials. As well as aligning with our parent company, our new name better reflects the company we are today.

We’re focused on driving down carbon emissions, increasing the use of recycled materials to grow the circular economy and leading our industry towards net zero with innovative projects such as carbon capture and storage.

Some of the new Heidelberg Materials signage and vehicle livery is already in place and we hope to have completed this within the next two years. Please note that our email and website details have also changed.

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About Shardlow quarry

Shardlow quarry re-opened in 2015 after being mothballed for two years during the recession. It first opened in 1989 and is one of the largest sand and gravel operations in the Trent valley. The quarry lies between the River Trent and the main A50 and covers around 120 hectares. The mineral is a river terrace sand and gravel deposit laid down in glacial and inter-glacial periods. It averages six metres in thickness and is overlain by two metres of soil and overburden. Planning permission for a 3.5 million tonne extension was granted in 2014.

The quarry restoration is based on replicating the pre-industrial pastoral floodplain landscape. This includes reinstating flood meadow grassland enclosed by restored hedgerows with trees, connecting with field-corner woodlands and riparian tree cover. Woodland mammals, invertebrates and birds will benefit, alongside species attracted to the traditional enclosed farmland now being recreated agriculture by backfilling the voids with soils and other imported inert materials. Parts of the site have been progressively restored to create water storage reservoirs. The various water bodies feature a variety of conservation habitats.

Interesting fact:

Two Bronze Age log boats were found at the quarry. The one pictured above is on display at Derby Museum while the other, pictured below, remains in situ for archeologists to monitor within the quarry.


We advertise our opportunities on the Heidelberg Materials website, leading online job boards and in print media. 

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Shardlow quarry raise £1,500 for Macmillan Cancer Support

Shardlow quarry has raised £1,500 for Macmillan Cancer Support. 

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Shardlow Quarry assists British Army with material sampling

In November Shardlow quarry received a request from the British Army for some help. 

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Community visits

Shardlow quarry welcomes visits from community organisations and schools and holds two meetings a year with the liaison committee meetings including site visits. A training day for Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service was held in August 2015 and the British Geological Society has an annual visit. There are two Derbyshire Wildlife Trust/Severn Trent Water ‘Evening Walkabout of Witches Oak Water’ among other events.

If you are interested in upcoming visits, or would like to arrange one, please use the form below.

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Witches Oak Water sightings blog

This blog is regularly updated and and records sightings at Witches Oak Water, a wetland reserve with 12 lakes, reedbed, wet and dry woodland, wet and dry grassland and hedgerow habitats.

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Site liaison

Julie Wales, unit manager

Tel: 01332799160

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Heron, mink and otter sightings at Witches Oak Water adjacent to Shardlow Quarry

The footage below shows a heron catching a pike, a mink and than an otter looking for food. The video is from a hidden wildlife camera that Richard Spowage of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has planted to capture images at the Witches Oak Water site, adjacent to Shardlow Quarry.

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