Demolition work at Westdown quarry

Work has started at our Westdown quarry to remove the former concrete bins, known locally as the ‘toast rack’. 

Activity by trespassers and protestors in the last year has made it becoming increasingly clear that keeping this structure in place now poses a safety risk. Consquently the most sensible option has been to arrange for the removal of the toast rack – in line with our commitment to health and safety.  

All necessary permits for the work are in place, including a Demolition Notice, as well as a Great Crested Newt District Level Licensing (GCN DLL) certificate agreed with Natural England (NE) and the  specialist contractors will be on site from Monday February 13, 2023. The demolition work is expected to take between six and eight weeks and as much of the material as possible will be reclaimed for reuse in the future.

Strategic Development Manager Ian Strachan said: “Our initial thinking had been that the toast rack would come down following the outcome of our planning application to update the existing conditions for Westdown quarry, ahead of reopening. But the events of the past year – which included a protestors camp on the site – has led to us to implement a change in approach. We believe this step is the right thing to do and reflects our commitment to Zero Harm.”