Supporting the community

As a responsible operator and an integral part of the East Mendips community, we want to play our part in supporting communities near our quarries as well as protecting and enhancing the local environment. 

We carry out a broad range of regular community support initiatives including our road sweeper visits to Chantry, Mells and Whatley, our litter picking teams who ensure the verges and roads close to our sites are kept litter free, and the collection and removal of fly-tipped rubbish around the Westdown and Asham wood sites.

In addition, local charities and community groups have benefitted from our community assistance programme. This has involved materials, financial donations as well as volunteer input as part of our annual programme of employee volunteering days. 

Our approach is to prioritise support for initiatives supporting: 

  • Education, skills, and wellbeing
  • Protecting/enhancing the environment and 
  • Promoting the community and heritage of the East Mendips. 

Assistance is prioritised to groups making applications from within the BA11 postcode, particularly those based within a 3km radius of our Westdown and Whatley quarries. To make an application for funding, material donation and/or volunteer support please tell us about your group and/or project, what type of support you are seeking and how your project’s aims dovetail with our support initiative goals set out above. Please complete the form found here.  

Recent beneficiaries of our local support programme include: 

  • The pupils of Mells Church of England First School who now have a new look classroom following the installation of an interactive whiteboard funded by Heidelberg Materials. 
  • Frome and District Angling Association (FADAA), with whom we are liaising to open up more of the river frontage we own to angling.
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity, Chantry, where materials and input from Heidelberg Materials employees has led to improvements in car parking facilities. 
  • Divoky Riding School, where a donation has helped towards a new indoor area to help riding for disabled children. 
  • 1st North Mendip Scout Group, who received a financial contribution towards new tents. 
  • Heidelberg Materials supported the upgrade of Mells’ new community allotments by funding fencing for the project.